Provide your tank with a lighting system that's powerful but still gentle with ATI T5 bulbs. The ATI bulbs are specially made to give radiant illumination to make your fish and corals feel like they're still living in the ocean. Available bulbs are Blue Plus, Purple Plus or Actinic, and Coral Plus which can be used individually or can be combined with other bulbs to come up with just the right blend for your tank. More than adding beauty to your tank, the ATI bulbs aid in the photosynthesis of corals and mollusks. You simply cannot deprive your fish from having high quality bulbs especially if they don't cost a fortune.

Note: T5 bulbs have a box charge due to special packaging requirements. Box charge on 1-2 bulbs is $14.98, 3-5 bulbs is $9.98, and 6 or more is FREE. Please call for expedited shipping quotes or for shipping quotes on T5 bulbs to PR, AK or HI.