Check Valves

Invest in high-quality aquarium check valves to ensure you get secure connections from the get-go. There are only a few things more frustrating than re-doing your plumbing (and wiping leaked water) because you opted for the cheap check valves. TB Aquatics offers the ever reliable Spears Swing Check Valves so you won’t have to use crappy valves ever again. Spears valves come in different designs and sizes so you are sure to get one that’s compatible with your system. Spears has been perfecting their valves to ensure maximum efficiency with zero leakage. It also uses FPT threaded connections instead of slip connections to allow quick removal and reuse of these valves. Don’t risk quality just for a few dollars of savings, buy valves that are trusted by experts.

1 1/2" FPT Clear PVC Swing Check Valve
$32.95 $19.77
1" FPT Clear PVC Swing Check Valve
$29.95 $17.97
2" FPT Clear PVC Swing Check Valve
$34.95 $20.97