Dosing Pumps & Accessories

Aquarium water chemistry can be easily maintained using the ever dependable Bubble Magus, Neptune Systems, and Seaside Aquatics dosing pumps. These brands are the choice of many aquarists for their multiple dosing channels which makes it convenient to perform automatic water changes, dose 2-part calcium/alkalinity, magnesium, and other liquid additives for your tank. We also offer dosing accessories like tubes, containers, and holders from Tom's Aqualifter and Smart Reef.

These dosing pumps have been tried and tested multiple times to ensure we only offer you the best products for your aquarium. We know maintaining the chemistry of aquarium water is tedious and time-consuming. We don't want to make the task harder than it already is. If you need help in choosing the best dosing pump and/or accessory for your aquarium, chat with us via the live chat window below.