Eheim Aquatics is the leading manufacturer of superior quality aquarium pumps today. It is the number one brand of choice by experts all over the world because of its unbeatable performance in aiding aquarium filters achieve maximum filtration and oxygenation. What makes it even more appealing is that it does its job well without making any annoying noise or dangerous heat. Aside from superior performance, Eheim pumps are also known to be one of the safest and most versatile pumps in the market today. These heavy-duty pumps can be fully submerged in water or placed outside the sump. Don’t worry of it causing any trouble because years of research has been made to perfect the performance and safety of Eheim USA pumps. Eheim USA offers pumps with outputs ranging from 79 GPH, 159 GPH, 317 GPH, 635 GPH, to 900 GPH.

Eheim 1046 79 GPH Universal Hobby Pump
$65.95 $42.87
Eheim 1260 635 GPH Universal Hobby Pump
$164.95 $107.22
Eheim 1262 900 GPH Universal Hobby Pump
$186.95 $121.52