ESV Food

Looking for the best fish food in the market? Look no further! The ESV Dried Marine Phytoplankton is the number one choice of reefers worldwide. Feeding plankton is the first step in initiating the natural coral reef food chain. Feeding plankton directly feeds your larger fishes and promotes the production of zooplankton for your smaller inhabitants. ESV Dried Marine Phytoplankton is a choice of many not only because it is complete with all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements, it also has very high levels of HUFA. The abundance of HUFAs makes the foam in protein skimmer to collapse instantly, allowing the algae cells longer residence time in your aquarium before being exported by skimming. With ESV Dried Marine Phytoplankton, there is absolutely no need to buy or culture live phytoplankton for your reef aquarium.

ESV Dried Marine Phytoplanton 1 OZ
$12.95 $6.48
ESV Dried Marine Phytoplanton 2 OZ
$15.95 $7.98