Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller System

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Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller System
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The Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller System includes everything to monitor and control your aquariums from anywhere in the world.  It monitors temperature, ph, orp, salinity along with 8 individual controllable outlets. 

Key Features
  • Provides you with peace of mind of protecting your investment in your aquarium by monitoring key parameters, taking automatic corrective actions, and alerting you via your smart phone when things go off track
  • Lets you know if there is a problem with any of your life supporting equipment via text or emails
  • Keep track in one place of your water testing results, maintenance activities, livestock purchases, and tank observations
  • Makes running your aquarium easy by managing fully automated operation of your lights, pumps, filters, ATO and more with easy to use setup wizards and app
  • Replace your tangle of timers, power bars, heater controllers, etc with a single unified system
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that your aquarium is working beautifuly and be alerted at the first sign of any trouble.
  • Adds in salinity monitoring, built in wifi and 1link compared to the Apex Classic

The Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller System does all the dirty work for your aquarium so you can do more important things like fragging your corals or layng on your couch and enjoying your aquarium. The Apex System has built in Wi-Fi, an incredible 802.11g/n Wi-Fi connection with reliability that rivals a wired connection.  The Apex System comes with all the essentials for monitoring and controlling a reef like controllable power outlets, temperature, pH, ORP, salinity, etc.  What's awesome about the Neptune Systems is that it allows you to monitor and control the conditions of you tank using your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.You don't have to go to your aquarium to check the conditions of your tank anymore. Everything can be monitored and controlled from the touch of your phone. Talk about convenience!

The Energy Bar 832 was redesigned from the ground up and includes eight 120V AC outlets, an internal 100W 24VDC power supply, three built-in 1LINK ports and two 24VDC accessory ports. Each individual outlet has power monitoring and there are individual LED indicators for each outlet.


  • Monitors and controls light, temperature, pH levels, and ORP
  • Double Junction Lab Grade PH and ORP Probe, and a Lab Grade Conductivity Probe
  • Wi-Fi Internet connectivity! Allows remote access and control via laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Sends e-mail and text reminders


  • Apex Base Unit
  • Energy Bar 832
  • New, Lab grade, double-junction pH and ORP probes
  • Lab grade salinity probe
  • Temperature Probe
  • Salinity and pH Calibration Solutions


  • Ethernet Interface
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Only controller with web browser Monitoring, Control & Configuration.
  • Email Alarms


  • Most expandable Controller (Up to 240 modules, hundreds of probes, and thousands of controlled outlets).
  • Simple menu driven Configuration: No program language knowledge required.


  • Simulates sunrise/sunset
  • Simulates moon cycle
  • Wave Maker and Random timed cycles
  • Built-in Variable speed pump control
  • Still water feed mode (multiple modes)


  • Monitor/Control Temperature, pH, and ORP
  • Digital Calibration on all probes
  • Seasonal temp & lighting control
  • Flexible Control Options



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