Sumps & Refugiums

These aquarium sumps and refugiums from Biotek Marine, Next Reef, and Precision Marine are compact tanks with all the necessary features of a big aquarium. Perfect as a mini aquarium for your living room but could also serve as an aquarium sump or aquarium refugium to grow your corals and other organisms. Each of these tanks have designs that allow water to travel through each compartment for better nurtrient exportation and water filtration. They come complete with a skimmer compartnent, probe holders, filter sock holders, heater holder, and filter socks. All brands are assembled in the USA so rest assured these aquarium sumps and refugiums will stay with you until the end.

Next Reef Large Stick on Refugium
$39.95 $23.97
Next Reef Small Stick on Refugium
$29.95 $17.97