T5 Aquarium Bulbs

We carry a wide selection of very high output T5 aquarium bulbs including bulbs from big brands like ATI and GE. The T5 bulbs we carry are the most trusted aquarium bulbs around. These bulbs do not only provide brightness to your tank, they also enhance the mood and beauty of your aquarium. Actinic blue T5 aquarium bulbs provide blue "night" lighting that does not only make your tank lovely to look at, but makes your fish relaxed since the lighting mimics the natural conditions of the ocean floor. The White T5 Aquarium bulbs give a bright "daylight" illumination and can be mixed with other bulbs to achieve your desired aquarium lighting.

Note: T5 bulbs have a box charge due to special packaging requirements. Box charge on 1-2 bulbs is $14.98, 3-5 bulbs is $9.98, and 6 or more is FREE. Please call for expedited shipping quotes or for shipping quotes on T5 bulbs to PR, AK or HI.